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          2019-09-04 | 编辑:

            We invite outstanding young researchers in the mathematical sciences to apply for up to 6 postdoc positions in 2020. We are particularly interested in candidates working in the following research areas: 

            --algebraic geometry and arithmetic algebraic geometry, 

            --Lie representation theory, 

            --complex geometry and complex dynamical systems, 

            --partial differential equations, 

            --stochastic analysis, 

            --sparse optimization, 

            --systems and control, 

            --symbolic computation, theory of computation and cryptography. 

            Successful applicants are expected to conduct research full-time in areas mentioned above. 

            The position is for two years. No teaching load is required. The amount of annual salary plus fringe benefits is 300-400K RMB (fringe benefits for Chinese citizens are about 25% and 4% for non-Chinese citizens). HCMS will also provide a grant fund of totally 100K-200K RMB for each postdoc for academic activities. Other welfare benefits will be in accordance with the rules of AMSS. According to relevant rules, the applicant's age should not exceed 35 years, and the time of obtaining a doctorate should not exceed three years. Completed applications must contain 

            --a resume, 

            --research statement, 

            --copy of diploma certificate if available, 

            --two reference letters (including one from your thesis advisor). 

            The position will open until filled. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications before Jan. 31, 2020. To apply send by email to: msc@amss.ac.cn. 

            The postdoc fellow will work in Hua Loo-Keng Center for Mathematics Sciences (HCMS) of AMSS, CAS. HCMS is supported by the project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Geometry, analysis, and computation on manifolds”. HCMS has 45 faculty members, including 5 Fellows of Chinese Academy of Sciences and 18 recipients of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars from NSFC. The main purpose of HCMS is to carry out research of highest level on some of the main directions of Mathematical Science through cooperation and exchange. HCMS runs regular academic programs throughout the whole year. 

            Further Info: 

             Hua Loo-Keng Center for Mathematics Sciences  

             Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science 

             Chinese Academy of Sciences 

             No. 55, Zhongguancun East Road 

             Beijing 100190, China 


             Email: msc@amss.ac.cn 

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